Generally, powder objects are easy to be affected with damp and need moisture-proof products. the jumbo bag needs to be coated, and the coating needs to be better inside jumbo, which is not easy to wear out.

Ton bags, also known as the jumbo bag, is a preferred method of carrying powder goods in long-distance transportation. Static electricity will occur in storage. How to prevent the harm caused by the static electricity?

The use of jumbo bags will vary from season to season, so what are some of the details you should pay attention to when using the jumbo bag?

1. Make sure that the jumbo bag is folded up when not in use to reduce moisture and sun exposure, as the service life of the jumbo bag will be shortened due to the influence of the external environment...

The products of jumbo bag manufacturers have strict requirements when they store them. Only when they comply with their requirements, can they better use them and give full play to the performance of the products. Here, the jumbo bag factory details the storage methods in summer.


The performance of the jumbo bag is very good, so it is widely used. But not all of the jumbo bags are the same, some of them have exclusive performance. So today, we come to understand several industry-specific jumbo bags and their application characteristics.

The application environment of the FIBC bag is often exposed to light in the outdoor, and the light amount in each region is different, which may lead to the local foreign businessmen mistaking the UV protection of the container bag for not reaching the request.

In view of the current situation of grain logistics and the large proportion of packaging mode in cross-regional grain logistics, food-grade FIBC mode solves this problem well.

What are the benefits of using food grade FIBC when transporting grain?

FIBC bags is a kind of bag used for transportation, this kind of product is also known as container bags.It has a certain softness, but the material is strong, is a good helper to transport materials.

In recent years, fibc bag manufacturers of a variety of fibc bag has been widely used, especially in the construction industry more applications, mainly for the transport of cement, mortar and other materials.


Sling bags in the delivery of goods in the process of providing a more favorable effect, so manufacturers in the production and design of such products what aspects must pay attention to it?...